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Packaging Machinery & Process Equipment’s for Pharmaceutical.Healthcare.Veterinary.Cosmetic.Chemical.Biotech Industry.Pharmaceutical.

Indian Made Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines & Process Equipment’s, Compare our range of Machines

An organizations history is made of men, ideas, strategies, technological competence and products.

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Lodha International LLP was founded in 2008 and is today one of the largest and most experienced pharmaceutical packaging machines and process equipment’s manufacturer based in India. Since moving with the time LODHA has grown considerably. We continue to evolve with a clear focus on quality, reliability and innovation.

With LODHA technical division on the same site as LODHA Packaging, the business benefits significantly from tooling production and technical support. This on-site tooling capability is unique to our group and we provide our customers with great advantages in terms of cost, innovation and speed of service.

We enhanced our company capability in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, Food, Cosmetic & Beverages, further increasing our speed to market using high speed packaging equipment and offering increased flexibility and efficiency to meet the needs of our customers. Having this additional capacity also enables us to grow our customer base and offer customers bespoke business continuity solutions.


Through investment such as this, supported by stringent quality control and pioneering packaging development, we will continue to provide our customers with the most innovative and reliable packaging service in the Pharmaceutical and other industries.

With an enduring commitment to the creation of equipments that improve and simplify packaging processes, LODHA Machinery tailor solutions to meet our customers individual needs resulting in increased productivity. We have proudly served the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Veterinary, Food, Cosmetic and Beverages industry for over 10 years.

LODHA complete range of products includes sterile washing & cleaning machine, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines for injectables, cap sealing machines, sticker labelling machines, Packaging machines, capsule production line, tablet production line, ampoule production line, vial production line, dry syrup powder production line, pharmaceutical process equipment’s sterilization equipment’s and other packaging machinery.

Our team standout, offering our customers product support that only the manufacturer can provide. Based in our Indian company operate nationwide. Our customers include renowned iconic manufacturers and boutique businesses, every customer benefit again by machine features and standards, with each solution customised to meet their needs.


An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

LODHA is committed to providing technologically premium products & high-quality services. A Quality Assurance System defines the level at which a set of unique characteristics meets all the requirements and expectations of all sides.
We are committed to Quality, Integrity and Excellence in all areas of business. We pledge to monitor our performance as an on-going activity and strive for continual improvement.
All our components are from highly qualified brands and they fully comply with the latest international standards as set by ISO 9001:2015, cGMP, CE and other regulatory bodies.


All our equipment is certified complying to ISO 9001:2015, CE and cGMP requirements standards.
Moreover, we can also supply Certifications complying to Specific Rules of Countries Extra E.U. or U.S.A. ones.


We can provide you, at your choice within our client’s reference list, contacts persons that will witness about successful completion of projects and LODHA post-sales effective assistance.

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Unique know-how, worldwide experience and customer support has given to LODHA an excellent reputation and key position in the world pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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